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You ask, we answer ...


  • Where Can I Drive the Golf Cart?
    Golf carts are allowed to drive on roads with speed limits up to 35 MPH​
  • What is the Top Speed?
    Our Vehicles have a top speed of 25 MPH
  • Can I Drive on the Beach?

    Golf carts are considered the same as cars. All of the same rules apply


    – Seatbelts must be worn at all times

  • Is the Cart Electric?
    Yes the carts are all electric.
  • How do I Charge the Cart?
    Charging can be done with a standard 110 volt outlet and takes 6-8 hours to fully charge.  We provide a 25 or 50 foot extension cord for all your charging needs.
  • How does Insurance Work?
    If your insurance covers your golf cart rentals, then its FREE!  If you are not covered, opt-in insurance is $18/day.